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Writing Short Vowel Sounds in CVC Words

Writing Short Vowel Sounds in CVC Words


5 worksheets in which children need to look at a picture and then fill in the missing short vowel sound from the middle of a CVC word.


Why do you need this?

Filling in missing vowel sounds reinforces phonics rules and reading readiness. With cute animals and objects, learners practice deciphering familiar CVC vocabulary. Parents and teachers can use these pages to assess and develop critical vowel comprehension.


How and when might you use this?

Each page displays 10 illustrated words with the vowel missing. Looking at the picture clue, students fill in the blank to complete the word, applying knowledge of short vowel sounds. For example, seeing a picture of a c_t would cue writing an "a" to spell "cat".


These worksheets can be used in a variety of ways:

· During small group phonics sessions

· Independent work stations 

· Homework practice

· Guided reading groups

· Morning work

· Reading interventions for children who need additional support

· Whole class instruction


What’s included?

5 PDF worksheets


Save money by buying the bundle

Early Reading Support Bundle

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