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Visual Timetable Cards

Visual Timetable Cards


86 visual timetable cards for classroom display representing different sessions in the day. These provide children with routine and structure for their day so they know what to expect next.


Why do you need this?

Visual timetables provide a clear and structured visual representation of the daily schedule, which helps students, especially those with special educational needs or language barriers, understand and anticipate the activities throughout the day.


Timetables help establish routines and predictability in the classroom, which can reduce anxiety and promote a sense of security among students. Knowing what to expect next can contribute to a positive learning environment.


Timetables assist in smooth transitions between activities by providing clear signals for when one activity ends and another begins. This can help minimize disruptions and behavioral issues during transition periods.


How and when might you use this?

Place the visual timetable cards in a visible and accessible area of the classroom where all students can see them easily. Consider using a bulletin board, whiteboard, or dedicated wall space.


At the beginning of the day or week, review the visual timetable cards with the students. Discuss the activities planned for the day and the order in which they will occur.


Consistently refer to the visual timetable cards throughout the day to guide students through the schedule. Point to the relevant card before transitioning to a new activity to prepare students for what comes next.


For continued use I would recommend laminating this resource.


What is included?

Included are 86 cards which include days of the week, lessons, part of the day such as lunch and recess and special events.


If you require any specific cards which you cannot find you can email me directly and I will be happy to add them.



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