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Things That Make me Feel Different Emotions Worksheets

Things That Make me Feel Different Emotions Worksheets


Worksheets in which children think about and list the things that make them feel happy, sad, angry, stressed, frustrated or anxious.


Why do you need this?

Teachers might use these worksheets to encourage children to recognise and understand their emotions better. It helps them develop emotional awareness and gives teachers insights into potential sources of stress or concern for individual students.


How and when might you use this?

These worksheets could be used during individual counselling sessions, group discussions, or as part of a classroom activity focused on emotional intelligence. They can be integrated into lessons on social-emotional learning or mental health awareness. It's a way to prompt reflection and discussion about emotions, helping students identify triggers and coping strategies.


What is included?

6 worksheets showing an emotion and then with 7 bubbles for children to write things that make them feel that emotion. The emotions included are frustrated, anxious, angry, sad, happy and stressed.

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