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Sticker Charts

Sticker Charts


7 different designs of sticker charts for children to display and collect stickers they are rewarded by staff.


Why do you need this?

Sticker charts provide a visual representation of progress and accomplishments, allowing students to see their efforts rewarded over time. By displaying and collecting stickers, students feel a sense of achievement and pride, which can boost their self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, sticker charts create a fun and engaging way to track and celebrate students' successes, fostering a positive classroom environment conducive to learning and growth.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers can use sticker charts consistently throughout the school year to promote positive behaviour and academic achievement. They can display the charts in the classroom where students can see them easily and track their progress. Teachers may also choose to celebrate students' accomplishments periodically by recognising those who have made significant progress on their charts.


What is included?

7 sticker charts each showing different pictures. There is a unicorn, dog, penguin, owl, dinosaur, lion and dolphin.

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