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Now and Next Target and Reward Behaviour Charts

Now and Next Target and Reward Behaviour Charts


Behaviour charts that combine the visual of a now and next board with behaviour targets personalised to the child and their needs.


Why do you need this?

Teachers might use behaviour charts like these to provide individualised support for students with behavioural challenges. By combining the visual aid of a now and next board with specific behaviour targets tailored to each child, teachers can offer clear and structured guidance on desired behaviours. This approach helps students understand expectations and provides a visual reminder of their progress, promoting positive behaviour and self-regulation skills. Additionally, personalised behaviour targets allow teachers to address specific needs and goals for each student, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers might use these behaviour charts during various parts of the school day, such as transitions between activities or throughout the day to monitor behaviour. They can be especially useful for students who benefit from visual cues and personalised support. Teachers may introduce the charts during one-on-one sessions with students to discuss behaviour goals and strategies. The charts serve as a visual aid for students to track their progress and understand what behaviour is expected of them. Teachers can review and update the charts regularly to reflect the student's progress and adjust behaviour targets as needed. Overall, these charts promote positive behaviour, self-regulation, and goal-setting skills in students with diverse needs.


What is included?

· Target chart with 2 lessons and a reward

· Target chart with 1 lesson and a reward

· 47 lesson cards

· 18 Reward cards

· Personal target review


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