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Now and Next board with Visual Timetable and Reward Cards

Now and Next board with Visual Timetable and Reward Cards


Now and next board with lesson and activity cards and reward cards so it can be used as a visual timetable but also gives the option to use as a reward chart.


Why do you need this?

This visual aid supports students, particularly those with autism or other learning differences, in transitioning between tasks and managing their time effectively.


By displaying lesson cards in the now and next board, teachers reinforce daily routines and expectations. Consistent use of the board helps establish a predictable structure in the classroom, which can reduce anxiety and improve overall classroom behavior.


How and when might you use this?

Adults can refer to the now and next board at the beginning of the day and then in advance of each transition to help the child’s day go more smoothly.


This board can either be used to show 2 lessons, what they are doing now and what will be coming up next or it can be used as an incentive with one lesson and one reward – if you complete the current activity then next you will receive a reward.


What is included?

Included in this resource is:

· Now and next board

· 84 lesson/activity cards

· 20 reward cards

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