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Non-Identical Animal Matching

Non-Identical Animal Matching


6 animal sorting boards with non-identical pictures to sort and match.


Why do you need this?

Sorting non-identical pictures requires children to visually discriminate between different characteristics and identify similarities and differences. This enhances their visual perception skills and attention to detail.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers might use this activity during early childhood or reception education or with older children with special educational needs to develop classification skills, vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Can be used in group or independent practice or independent workstations.


Can be used as a one off activity or for continued use you may want to laminate the boards and pictures and use Velcro to move the pictures around.


What is included?

Included are 6 boards showing cat, dog, hen, horse, pig and cow. Each board has 4 or 5 pictures to match.

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