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My Emotions This Week Worksheet

My Emotions This Week Worksheet


Worksheet in which children can reflect on their emotions and draw or write about the things that made them happy, sad, angry or anxious throughout the week.


Why do you need this?

Understanding emotions is an essential social-emotional skill for children to learn. This worksheet helps children in labelling complex emotions, reflecting on their responses and finding healthy outlets.


How and when might you use this?

At the end of a week teachers might incorporate this into early morning work to gauge a student’s a state of mind for the beginning of the day or at the end of the day to use as a way to reflect. It may also be used in counselling sessions to help identify mood patterns and behavioral triggers. This worksheet can help to spark conversations around difficult emotions.


What’s included?

This worksheet has four sections titled ‘I felt happy when…’, ‘I felt sad when…’, “I felt angry when…’ and ‘I felt worried when…’. Each box contains space for children to write or draw about their emotional experiences throughout the week. They may draw things such as playing with friends, arguing with siblings, struggling with schoolwork, worrying about an upcoming test, feeling proud of an accomplishment etc

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