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Morning Home Routine Visual Timetable Cards

Morning Home Routine Visual Timetable Cards


Visual timetable display cards for parents to use at home to support children with their morning routine.


Why do you need this?

Before school timetables reduce anxiety for children who thrive on routine. The picture cues promote independence - kids can follow the schedule to complete activities and prepare for transitions without constant reminders. Visual schedules also build time management and organisational skills.


What’s included?

2 versions of cards for both and girl. Cards included are:

  • Get Up
  • Breakfast
  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Brush Teeth
  • Put on Underwear
  • Put on Socks
  • Put Clothes On
  • Put Shoes On
  • Brush Hair
  • Wash
  • Put Coat On
  • Pack School Bag
  • Got to School
  • Pack Lunch
  • Toilet


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