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Looking After Myself Activity Book

Looking After Myself Activity Book


Cut and stick activity book to help children to learn how to properly look after themselves and keep clean.


Why do you need this?

Cut and Stick activities provide hands-on learning experiences that actively engage children in the learning process. By cutting out pictures and sticking them onto designated areas, children actively participate in the activity, reinforcing their understanding of personal hygiene concepts.


The use of visual aids in the form of pictures helps children visualize key concepts related to personal hygiene, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and taking baths. Visual representation enhances comprehension, particularly for young learners and those with diverse learning styles.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers can integrate the activity book into health and wellness lessons or units focusing on personal hygiene.


What is included?

13 page activity book including:

· Brushing my teeth

· Washing my hands

· Having a bath

· My hair

· Getting dressed (2 versions for both boy and girl)

· Putting on my coat

· Going to the toilet

· Bedtime routine

· Eating

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