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Functional Life Skills - Housekeeping and Chores

Functional Life Skills - Housekeeping and Chores


Teaching life skills to children with special educational needs helps to give them knowledge and skills to handle daily tasks, become more independent and know how to take action when an adult is not around to help. The teaching of life skills should be thought of as a crucial part of the curriculum for children with special needs as it prepares them for day to day challenges and helps the become more productive members of their communities.


This resource provides planning, teaching slides, vocabulary cards and data tracking sheets as well as a range of different activities perfect for use with a whole class, small group and some of them can be used as independent workstation activities.


This unit covers housekeeping and chores, and teaches children about the importance of keeping a clean and tidy house and how to do certain household tasks.



· Ideas for planning

· Teaching slides

· Vocabulary cards

· Data tracking sheets

· Social story

· Bingo game

· Instruction cards with real photos

· Labelling activities

· Picture to picture matching

· Word to picture matching

· Differentiated scenario question and answer

· Sequencing activities

· Sorting activities


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