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Letter Recognition and Handwriting

Letter Recognition and Handwriting


26 worksheets in which children can practice letter recognition and handwriting. One worksheet for each letter of the alphabet with each showing a picture to color that begins with that letter, letters to trace and handwriting lines to write for themselves and also the letter shown using a variety of different fonts to pick out and find the correct ones. All worksheets show both capital and lower case letters.


Why do you need this?

Learning to identify and form letters is the basis for reading and writing readiness. This set of 26 worksheets provides engaging practice recognising, tracing, and writing each letter of the alphabet through varied activities. With visual identification, tactile tracing, and writing practice per page, this resource builds critical pre-literacy skills. Seeing, saying, tracing and writing the same letter in multiple modes cements sensory-motor skills and shape knowledge.


How and when might you use this?

Each sheet spotlights a letter focusing on capital and lowercase recognition. Students first locate that letter among various fonts, reinforcing shape and sound connections. They color a picture representing the letter's sound to boost phonetic awareness. Tracing uppercase and lowercase forms with a finger teaches proper stroke technique. Finally, blank practice lines allow children to write the letter from memory.


Used for individual practice or small groups, these materials provide developmentally appropriate handwriting preparation.


What’s included?

26 PDF worksheets


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