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Homophone Flash Cards

Homophone Flash Cards


Flash cards showing homophones with corresponding pictures.


Why do you need this?

These Homophone Flash Cards make learning these tricky sound-alike words engaging and effective. The set includes 68 cards featuring common homophone pairs with corresponding pictures.


Learning to identify and properly use words that sound the same but have different meanings is a key phonics and reading comprehension skill. These Homophone Flash Cards give students focused practice to build mastery of these tricky words through repetitive exposure and visual association. The pictures aid retention while keeping students interested.


How and when might you use this?

There is one flash card for each word which teachers can either show as sets of 2 or print or laminate as a two sided card.


Teachers can use these cards for small group lessons, literacy centers, and vocabulary reinforcement.


What is included?

68 Flash cards. Homophone words included: hear, here, heel, heal, main, mane, male, mail, knot, not, break, brake, die, dye, I, eye, night, knight, ate, eight, bear, bare, bury, berry, dear, deer, flu, flew, know, no, made, maid, meet, meat, blew, blue, ,flower, flour, hair, hare, one, won, pain, pane, pail, pale, pause, paws, pear, pair, red, read, right, write, see, sea, stairs, stares, tale, tail, toe, tow, tea, tee, ring, wring, ball bawl

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