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Home Visual Timetable

Home Visual Timetable


Display cards for parents to use at home to support children with their daily routine.


Why do you need this?

Visual timetable cards help establish a consistent daily routine for children, which is crucial for promoting stability and predictability in their lives. Having a visual representation of the daily schedule helps children understand and anticipate what activities will occur throughout the day.


Many children, particularly those with special needs, often struggle with transitions between activities, leading to stress or resistance. Visual timetable cards provide a clear sequence of activities, making transitions smoother by offering a visual cue for what comes next. This can reduce anxiety and meltdowns associated with transitions.


How and when might you use this?

Display the visual timetable cards in a prominent location, such as the kitchen or bedroom, to guide children through their routine, as a practical tool for structuring daily activities, promoting independence, managing behaviors, and fostering communication and consistency.


What is included?

117 visual timetable cards


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