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Home-School Communication Book - 2 versions

Home-School Communication Book - 2 versions


Two different home-school communication books that allow a teacher to write messages for the parent about the child’s behaviour that day as well as spaces for the parent to write messages back and even for the children to write their own reflections about their behaviour.


Why do you need this?

These communication books promote transparent communication between teachers and parents regarding the child's behaviour. Parents receive firsthand information about their child's conduct at school, fostering trust and collaboration between home and school environments.


The books enable teachers to provide timely feedback to parents about the child's behaviour on a daily basis. This allows parents to stay informed about any issues or successes promptly, enabling them to address concerns or reinforce positive behaviour effectively.


What is included?

2 different versions of a home-communication book. The first one shows boxes for what went well and what was difficult and then boxes for children to reflect on their emotions.

The second has boxes for what happened in the morning and afternoon and then a box for the child’s comments and a box for the parents comments.

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