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Getting From Angry to Happy Worksheet

Getting From Angry to Happy Worksheet


Worksheet for children to think about calming strategies and things they can do that can help them feel happy again when they are feeling angry.


Why do you need this?

Teaching children effective calming strategies empowers them to manage their emotions constructively. By learning how to cope with anger in healthy ways, students can regulate their emotions and maintain self-control in challenging situations.


Providing children with tools to calm down and regain happiness promotes peaceful conflict resolution. When students feel angry, they can use these strategies to de-escalate conflicts, communicate calmly, and resolve disagreements without resorting to aggression or escalation.


How and when might you use this?

This could be used in a variety of ways:

· Individual or small group work on anger management and emotional regulation.

· During early morning work to start the day by reflecting on emotional well-being and planning strategies for if they become angry during the day.

· During PSHE lessons focused on self-awareness, self-management and good decision making.

· During counselling sessions or interventions targeting anger management.

· For home-learning so that children can complete with parental guidance and involvement.

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