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Finding the Final Sounds in Words

Finding the Final Sounds in Words


5 worksheets in which children need to look at a picture and then work out what the final sound in the word would be, they then find and colour that letter.


Why do you need this?

These worksheets help reinforce phonics skills by focusing on identifying and recognising the final sound in words. This supports students in understanding the relationship between letters and sounds. By associating final sounds with corresponding letters, students strengthen their understanding of letter-sound relationships. This knowledge is fundamental for decoding and encoding words in reading and writing.


Engaging in activities where students analyse the final sound in words enhances their phonemic awareness—the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words. This foundational skill is essential for reading and spelling.


How and when might you use this?

Students view images, say each word aloud, isolate the last sound they hear, and identify and colour in the letter that matches. These worksheets can be used independently, in small groups, or whole class to allow struggling and advanced readers to practice this critical early reading skill. As students complete these final sound worksheets, they'll develop greater phonemic awareness that will transfer when encoding and decoding unfamiliar words.


What’s included?

5 PDF worksheets

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