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Find and Colour Short Vowel Sounds

Find and Colour Short Vowel Sounds


5 worksheets in which children need to look at a picture and think about what the short vowel sound would be in the middle of that word, they then need to colour the correct letter.


Why do you need this?

Understanding short vowel sounds is fundamental to strong literacy skills, it lays the foundation for their early literacy skills and paves the way for successful reading and spelling. These worksheets give students focused practice isolating vowel sounds in simple CVC words. The ability to recognise and differentiate between short vowel sounds helps children sound out words, enabling them to read new and unfamiliar words with accuracy.


How and when might you use this?

Each page displays 6 pictures along with a choice of 3 different vowel sounds, children have to work out what CVC word the picture is representing and then colour in the correct middle vowel sound for that word. For example, seeing a picture of a pig would cue colouring the "i" as the middle vowel sound in "pig".


These worksheets can be used in a variety of ways:

· During small group phonics sessions

· Independent work stations 

· Homework practice

· Guided reading groups

· Morning work

· Reading interventions for children who need additional support

· Whole class instruction


What’s included?

5 PDF worksheets


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Early Reading Support Bundle

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