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Emotions Fan

Emotions Fan


These fans each contain a different emotion face and word. They can be used for activities and teaching about emotions or alternatively can be used to support non-verbal children to express their emotions.


Why do you need this?

If children learn to understand and recognise emotions both in themselves and others, learning to identify and label them then this can ensure they will be better equipped to manage and regulate themselves when they experience strong emotions. If children are able to notice how they are feeling and then use strategies to calm themselves down then they are more likely to have successful friendships and to be able to manage set backs.


How and when might you use this?

The 15 illustrated fan pieces each feature a different emotion face and word. Expressions like happy, sad, angry, surprised, and more build children's emotional vocabulary. Teachers can prompt conversations about when we feel certain ways and how our faces show it.


What’s included?

Included in this resource are 15 emoji emotion cards including the emotions:

· Happy

· Sad

· Scared

· Tired

· Worried

· Excited

· Angry

· Silly

· Disappointed

· Jealous

· Confused

· Poorly

· Disgusted

· Surprised

· Embarrassed

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