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Emotions Dice

Emotions Dice


7 dice nets about emotions including emotion faces, words and scenarios.


Why do you need this?

The Emotions Dice are a versatile tool for boosting emotional intelligence and literacy in children. Children learn to articulate their own emotions and recognise feelings in others. The open-ended dice activities teach that all emotions are valid.


The Emotions Dice provide a hands-on way to boost self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation.


How and when might you use this?

Dice can be used for whole class introductions, icebreaker activities, small group lessons, and counseling sessions. Roll the dice and have students name the emotion depicted or act it out. Scenario dice foster discussion about appropriate reactions and regulation strategies.


What’s included?

Included in this resource is 7 Dice nets:

· Emotion faces and words

· Emoji faces and words

· Emotion faces

· Emoji faces

· Emotion words

· Sentence starters and questions

· Scenarios

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