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Emotions Adapted Book

Emotions Adapted Book


Children can explore emotions words with our Adapted Book About Emotions, a unique resource designed for inclusive learning.


This book offers a personalized and interactive reading experience, making it accessible for individuals of diverse abilities. Through vibrant visuals, simplified text, and interactive elements, readers can engage with a spectrum of emotions in a supportive and comprehensible format.


The resource includes 2 different versions of the book - one where children have 3 options to choose from to complete a sentence and one where there is just one box to fill in. Both books are also featured in both color or black and white.


Tailored for diverse audiences, including those with special needs or on the autism spectrum, this adapted book serves as a bridge to emotional literacy.


Promoting self-awareness and effective communication about feelings, our Adapted Book About Emotions is more than a reading tool—it's a pathway to inclusive emotional understanding and expression.


Clipart images are courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart.

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