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Describing my Feelings Worksheet Set

Describing my Feelings Worksheet Set


Set of 20 worksheets each showing a different emotion. For each worksheet, the child should draw on the features to a face and describe when they felt that emotion and what they were thinking about and how their body reacted. The set has 10 girl version worksheets and 10 boy versions.


Why do you need this?

These worksheets help children develop emotional awareness by identifying and articulating their feelings. Understanding emotions is crucial for social and emotional development. By exploring what triggers different emotions and how their body reacts, children can learn to recognize early signs of emotional distress and develop strategies for regulating their emotions.


Reflecting on their own emotions can help children develop empathy for others. Understanding their own feelings may make it easier for them to relate to and empathize with the emotions of their peers.


How and when might you use this?

These worksheets could be used in a variety of ways:

· Teachers can incorporate these worksheets into morning meetings or circle time discussions to start the day with a focus on emotions and well-being.

· During PSHE to teach students about emotions and emotional regulation. Teachers can lead discussions about how emotions impact our thoughts, behaviors, and physical sensations, promoting self-awareness.

· Small group work where the children discuss and reflect on different emotions together.

· During counselling sessions to support children in exploring and processing their emotions.

· As part of conflict resolution for children to reflect on their emotions during conflicts and brainstorm positive solutions.


What’s included?

10 Girl version worksheets and 10 boy versions. Emotions included are:

· Happy

· Sad

· Worried

· Angry

· Frustrated

· Annoyed

· Scared

· Embarrassed

· Excited

· Disappointed



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