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Describing My Emotions

Describing My Emotions


4 worksheets for children to describe and reflect on their emotions including happy, sad, angry and anxious.


Why do you need this?

Understanding emotions is an essential social-emotional skill for children to learn. This set of four worksheets helps children identify and process their feelings in a reflective way. Children can build emotional intelligence through self-expression.


What’s included?

There are four different worksheets for happy, sad, angry and anxious. In each worksheet there us a box to draw a time they felt that emotion and then there are questions underneath to help the child reflect on what happened, how it felt, how it affected their behavior and how they were able to cope with feeling that way.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers can use these as a social-emotional check in to get an insight into children’s emotional intelligence or as a lesson teaching about different emotions. Counsellors could use these as a way to begin meaningful discussions.

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