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CVC word and picture flash cards

CVC word and picture flash cards


56 Flash cards showing CVC words with corresponding pictures.


Why do you need this?

Flashcards provide a visual aid for teaching phonics by pairing CVC words with corresponding images. Pairing CVC words with pictures helps build students' vocabulary by providing visual representations of the words. This enhances comprehension and reinforces word-meaning associations.


Flashcards allow students to practice decoding CVC words by sounding out each letter and blending the sounds together to read the word. Repetitive exposure to CVC words through flashcards improves decoding fluency.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers can use the cards for direct instruction, literacy centers, word walls, and reading games.


What’s included?

This set includes 56 printable flash cards with short CVC words like dog, , pet, map etc each paired with colorful illustrations.

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