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Counting and Number Matching

Counting and Number Matching


Counting activity in which children need to count the pictures and then find the correct corresponding numeral to place on top.


Why do you need this?

This activity provides practice in counting objects accurately. By counting the pictures before finding the correct numeral, children develop their counting skills and learn to count in sequence. It reinforces the concept of quantity and helps children understand that numbers represent specific quantities.


How and when might you use this?

This activity could be used in a variety of way:

· Math lessons focused on number recognition and counting

· Small group instruction to provide targeted support

· Independent work stations


This can be used as a one off activity or for continued use you may want to laminate and use Velcro to move the pictures around.


What is included?

Included is a worksheet with 11 boxes each showing a different number of pictures and then a sheet of number cards to cut and place on top.

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