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Counting, Number and Quantity Matching Cards

Counting, Number and Quantity Matching Cards


Matching cards for numbers 1-10. 6 different formats for each number including dice, cubes, counting fingers and numicon.


Why do you need this?

Matching cards with different representations of numbers provide a multisensory approach to learning. With multiple formats for each number, teachers can differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of students in the classroom. Some students may benefit more from visual representations like dots on dice or images of objects, while others may prefer tactile representations such as counting fingers or manipulatives like numicon.


Matching cards help students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of numbers. By exploring numbers in various contexts and representations, students can grasp the abstract concept of number more concretely, leading to better mathematical comprehension.


How and when might you use this?

This activity can be used in a variety of ways:

· Small group instruction

· Whole class activities

· Early morning work

· Assessment activities

· Homework or independent practice

· Math games


What is included?

There are 6 cards for each number 1-10. For each number there is a card showing:

· A number

· The written word for the number

· Numicon

· Counting fingers

· Dice

· Cubes

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