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Counting matching number to objects

Counting matching number to objects


Numbers 1-10 shown in figures and counting hands and children have to count the cubes and match them to the correct number.


Why do you need this?

This activity can be used to help children develop their understanding of numbers, counting skills, and number recognition in a hands-on and interactive way. By counting the cubes and matching them to the correct number, children practice their counting skills. This activity provides a concrete representation of numbers, helping children understand the concept of quantity.


How and when might you use this?

This activity could be used in a variety of way:

· Math lessons focused on number recognition and counting

· Small group instruction to provide targeted support

· Independent work stations


This can be used as a one off activity or for continued use you may want to laminate and use Velcro to move the pictures around.


What is included?

Included are 2 worksheets with number 1-10 and a set of pictures of cubes to count, cut and stick

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