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Controlling my Anger Worksheet

Controlling my Anger Worksheet


Worksheet in which children should think about ways they have previously dealt with anger and better ways they could deal with their anger in the future.


Why do you need this?

Teaching children alternative strategies for managing anger helps them develop essential skills for emotional regulation. By asking children to think about alternative coping strategies to negative behaviors, teachers empower students to handle their emotions in a healthy and productive manner.


Tantrums, shouting, running away, and hitting can disrupt the learning environment and compromise the safety and well-being of students and teachers. By equipping students with effective anger management strategies, teachers contribute to creating a safer and more conducive learning environment for everyone.


How and when might you use this?

This worksheet can be used in a variety of ways:

· During classroom discussions about emotions and behaviour management.

· Guided group activities

· Counselling sessions with students struggling with anger management to explore personalised coping strategies.

· Following a conflict or behavioural incident as a tool for self-reflection.

· This worksheet could be used proactively with students as a preventative measure to promote self-awareness and emotional regulation.


What’s included?

This worksheet includes 5 boxes showing inappropriate ways of dealing with anger: shout and scream, run out of the room, hot people, tantrum and throw or break things. Then there are empty boxes next to each one for children to write alternative more appropriate ways coping strategies such deep breathing or go to a quiet space to calm down.


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