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Compound and Contraction Word Jigsaws

Compound and Contraction Word Jigsaws


2 sets of jigsaws. One showing compound words with words and pictures and one set showing contractions.


Why do you need this?

Compound word jigsaws help expand students' vocabulary by introducing them to new compound words and reinforcing their understanding of word formation. Engaging with compound word jigsaws supports the development of language skills such as word blending, segmentation, and phonics.


Contractions are common in the English language, and jigsaws provide a hands-on way for students to practice identifying and forming contractions. As students assemble the jigsaw pieces to form contractions, they reinforce spelling patterns and conventions associated with contraction formation.


How and when might you use this?

These jigsaws can be good for:

· Small group work focused on vocabulary development and spelling and phonics skills

· Group work during literacy lessons

· Review and reinforcement after whole class teaching

· Assessment of what has been learned

· Homework to reinforce what has been learned in class


What’s included?

· 30 compound word jigsaws

· 34 contraction word jigsaws

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