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Colourful Semantics Sentence Building Boards

Colourful Semantics Sentence Building Boards


Colourful Semantics is a structured language intervention designed to support the development of language and communication skills, particularly in children with speech and language difficulties. This resource includes boards with pictures on and spaces for children to build sentences using the relevant 'who', 'what', 'where', 'what doing' cards.


Why do you need this?

Colourful Semantics uses colour coded cards to help children to learn the important elements of a sentence and how to join them together in the correct order. By visually representing each part of the sentence with a specific colour, learners can better understand the structure and meaning of sentences, as well as the relationships between words.


How and when might you use this?

This approach is often implemented through a variety of interactive and hands-on activities, such as sentence building games, storytelling, and picture-based exercises. It can be tailored to the individual needs and abilities of learners, making it suitable for use in both classroom settings and speech and language clinics.


What’s included?

34 Sentence building boards and 96 corresponding who, what, where and what doing cards to build sentences.

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