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Circle Time Package

Circle Time Package


Package of resources to support during circle time.


Why do you need this?

Circle time fosters a sense of belonging and community among students by providing an opportunity for them to come together as a group. It creates a supportive environment where students can connect with one another, share experiences, and develop positive relationships. During circle time, students have the opportunity to practice essential social skills such as listening, speaking, turn-taking, and respectful communication. Engaging in group discussions, sharing ideas, and collaborating on activities helps students develop interpersonal skills that are crucial for success in school and beyond.


How and when might you use this?

During whole class circle time sessions these resources will help instigate discussions and keep children engaged.


What’s included?

· Display poster with circle time rules

· 56 Question cards

· 48 Sentence starter cards

· 6 Voting cards

· 66 ideas for circle time games

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