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Chore Chart

Chore Chart


Visual tool designed to help families organize and manage household chores effectively.


Why do you need this?

Establishing a regular chore routine through the use of chore charts helps instill good habits and discipline in children. Consistently completing chores at designated times reinforces the importance of responsibility and contributes to a smoothly functioning household. Chore charts can serve as motivational tools by providing visual reinforcement of progress and accomplishments. Children may feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they see tasks checked off or completed on the chore chart, motivating them to continue contributing to the household.


What’s included?

3 different chore chart designs to choose from - rainbow coloured, unicorns and mermaids and dinosaurs.


The set contains 36 different chore cards that you can velcro or blue tac to the chart as appropriate for your child and then star stickers to attach to the chart if/when the complete their chore.

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