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Calming Strategies Posters

Calming Strategies Posters


Set of 13 posters that can be used to remind children of how to calm themselves down when feeling angry, frustrated or upset.


Why do you need this?

These posters serve as visual reminders of calming strategies, providing students with immediate access to tools for managing anger when they need them most. Having posters displayed in the classroom empowers children to independently access and use calming strategies without relying on constant teacher guidance.


How and when might you use this?

This might be used in a variety of ways:

· These posters could be displayed in a designated calming corner or area in the classroom. Students can then be invited to visit the calm area as needed.

· To support children who struggle with transitions to new activities. Before transitioning to a new task children can be reminded of the calming strategies.

· Following a conflict or behavior incident children can be guided to the posters to prompt them to pick an appropriate calming strategy.

· During 1:1 support for a child struggling with anger management.

· During class circle time as an aid to discussion about emotions and coping strategies.


What’s included?

13 posters each titled ‘I can’ and then with the following stratgeties:

· Go to my calm area

· Ask for a hug

· Write down my feelings

· Draw or color

· Listen to music

· Talk to an adult

· Take deep breaths

· Do some exercise

· Play with sensory toys

· Use a sensory bottle

· Think of a happy place

· Read a book

· Count to 10

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