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Break Time Choice Board Visual Support for Autism and SEN

Break Time Choice Board Visual Support for Autism and SEN


Choice board to support a child in choosing what they would like to do during break time.


Why do you need this?

A choice board is a visual support that can be used to communicate what choice a child, who finds it otherwise difficult to communicate, would like to make. The use of choice boards can increase a child’s motivation to participate in school giving them a sense of control. Choice boards provide children with autonomy, engagement and personalised learning.


How and when might you use this?

This choice board allows children to select from a range of play options, such as playground equipment, games, sports, or drawing. This empowers children to choose activities that align with their interests, preferences, and energy levels.


Using a choice board empowers children to make decisions about how they spend their break time. By giving them agency over their choices, the choice board promotes independence, self-regulation, and decision-making skills.


Although there are 8 spaces for choices on the board you can use it to put in as little as two options depending on the child and their needs. There are 12 different choice cards so that again you can tailor which you put on the board according to the child.


What’s included?

Included are 2 different choice boards, one titled ‘recess’ and one titled ‘break time’ and then 12 different choice cards.

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