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Best Case Scenario Worksheet

Best Case Scenario Worksheet


When we're worried about a situation thinking about the worst possible outcome is not healthy and makes us feel anxious and afraid. This worksheet encourages children to consider the best possible outcome.


Why do you need this?

Anxiety often stems from fixating on worst-case scenarios. This growth mindset worksheet guides children to counteract worry with optimism by imagining favorable outcomes for stressful situations. Rather than reinforce downward spirals, kids learn to redirect thoughts constructively.


How and when might you use this?

Children are to think about a specific thing they are worried about, concerns like struggling at school, arguing with friends, upcoming doctors visits, or changes causing uncertainty. They will then have a large open box in which they can write or draw about what the best possible conclusion would be. Teachers can use the worksheet alongside PSHE lessons about confidence, adaptability, or self-talk. Counsellors might use it to reframe skewed thinking. Parents could also use this to practice at home when children feel apprehensive about major life changes.


What’s included?

Included is a worksheet that contains 3 boxes for children to draw or write in. They feature the questions:

· What is a situation you are worried about?

· Draw or write what the best possible outcome would be

· Is there anything you could do to help this happen?

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