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Behaviour Reflection

Behaviour Reflection


Worksheet for children to complete following an incident in which they can reflect on their emotions prior to the incident, what they did, what they will try to do next time and their emotions now. Included are 2 different versions of the behaviour reflection.


Why do you need this?

A behaviour reflection worksheet provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their actions and behaviours. By guiding students through a structured reflection process, teachers encourage self-awareness and accountability. It also allows children to take ownership of their actions and behaviour and allows them time to think about the consequences of their actions and consider alterative choices they could have made.


How and when might you use this?

This worksheet would most commonly be used directly following a behaviour incident or disruption as a tool for children to reflect on their actions. It can also be incorporated into restorative practices or conflict resolution.


What’s included?

Included are 2 different versions of the behaviour reflection. One which has questions for children to answer in blank spaces and one with pictures that does not require the child to do any writing, just to look at pictures and choose and circle or colour the appropriate one.

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