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Behaviour Prompt Cards

Behaviour Prompt Cards


These behaviour prompts can be used in class to easily instruct children without words. This can helpful during whole-class teaching when you do not want to interrupt the flow of teaching and can be particularly helpful for visual learners.


Why do you need this?

Managing classroom behaviour without constant verbal reminders is a challenge. These behaviour prompt cards offer a quiet, visual solution. These 12 colourful cards provide friendly cues that redirect students non-disruptively.


How and when might you use this?

Teachers can hold up cards like "Good Looking" and "Hand Up to Speak" during instruction. A simple glance conveys expectations and reminds focused learners to stay on-task. Prompts for good sitting, listening, and putting your hand up keep students engaged in lessons.


What’s included?

Included are 12 different cards:

· Good listening

· Good looking

· Good sitting

· Hand up

· Well done

· Time out

· Stop

· Wait

· No touching

· Quiet

· Kind hands

· Kind feet

Also included are smaller versions appropriate for a lanyard.

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