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Bedtime Reward Chart

Bedtime Reward Chart


Reward chart for use by parents having difficulty getting their child into a regular bedtime routine.


Why do you need this?

A reward chart can help parents establish a consistent bedtime routine for their child. By setting clear expectations and providing incentives for following the routine, parents can encourage their child to develop healthy sleep habits. A bedtime reward chart allows parents to reinforce positive bedtime behaviours and rewarding these behaviours, parents can motivate their child to cooperate and participate in the bedtime routine without resistance.


What’s included?

The set includes a reward chart that shows ‘put on pyjamas’, ‘brush teeth’, ‘go to sleep on my own’ and ‘stay in my bed all night’. Then there are a set of stars that can be laminated and velcroed on when earned. Then there are a variety of rewards that children can work towards.

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