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Basic Reading Comprehension

Basic Reading Comprehension


6 worksheets with a short passage to read containing simple CVC words and then a set of questions to answer about the passage to show understanding.


Why do you need this?

Emerging readers need practice moving from decoding words to comprehending passages. These worksheets use simple stories and comprehension questions to build important literacy foundations. Featuring short paragraphs with CVC vocabulary and matching exercises, these materials help pave the way for reading proficiency.


How and when might you use this?

Each page includes a short narrative using basic sight words and repetitive consonant-vowel-consonant terms. This allows young readers to focus on making meaning from the passage, rather than struggling through complex words. After reading, students answer reading comprehension questions relating to story details and events.


Each comprehension has 3 levels of questions - one easy multiple choice question with pictures, one where children take information directly from the text and one where they have to use inference to work out the answer. The vocabulary aligns with early phonics lessons to reinforce letter-sound relationships too. Parents and teachers can track progress across the repetitive activities.


What’s included?

6 PDF worksheets


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