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Anxiety Bingo for Calming Strategies

Anxiety Bingo for Calming Strategies


Bingo game to support children in using different calming strategies to help with anxiety. Each time they use a different strategy they can mark it off on the board and try to get 3 in a row. There are different versions for children to either write down their own preferred strategies or use the given ones.


Why do you need this?

Managing anxiety can be challenging for children. This bingo game provides a unique and engaging approach for teaching calming strategies to help children handle difficult emotions.


How and when might you use this?

Anxiety Bingo transforms a classic game into a tool for building emotional intelligence. It’s an excellent way to introduce calming skills or reinforce concepts learned. By completing the boards children can discover new coping methods tailored to their needs. This versatile resource works for individual and group settings with children of varying ages and abilities.


What’s included?

The set includes 3 different bingo boards each with 9 squares. Each square features a different calming technique like taking deep breaths, getting a drink of water, hugging a stuffed animal, positive self-talk, or writing down your feelings. Children can use the blank board to fill in their own ideas or use the suggested strategies.

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