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Anger Lesson Package

Anger Lesson Package


Lesson package about anger, what makes us angry, how anger makes us feel inside and how our bodies react physically and a variety of calming strategies to use when angry.


Why do you need this?

Teaching children about anger helps them develop self-awareness and emotional regulation skills. By understanding their emotions better, students can learn to recognise when they are becoming angry and employ appropriate strategies to manage their feelings. Providing a structured lesson on anger helps create a safe and supportive classroom environment where students feel comfortable discussing and expressing their emotions. This openness encourages students to seek help when needed and reduces the likelihood of disruptive behaviour stemming from unaddressed anger.


How and when might you use this?

Due to the content of this lesson package it can be quite flexible in the range of ages it can be used with. A teacher might use a lesson about anger at various points throughout the school year, depending on the needs of their students and the classroom dynamics.


What’s included?

· Lesson planning

· Teaching slides that include how anger feels in the body, the rules of anger and calming strategies

· Worksheet about the phases of anger

· Calming strategies display posters

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