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Anger Choices Worksheet

Anger Choices Worksheet


Cut and stick worksheet showing different things that people might do when feeling angry. Children to sort the pictures into groups of things they should do when angry and things they should not.


Why do you need this?

Managing anger appropriately is a vital skill for children to develop. This interactive cut and stick activity creatively builds positive behavior choices using engaging picture sorting.


How and when might you use this?

The worksheet features 10 pictures of scenarios showing different reactions when feeling angry, like hitting, screaming, talking to a trusted adult, hurting others, deep breathing etc. Children should look at each picture, discussing if the behaviors shown are right or wrong ways to deal with anger. Children then cut out the pictures and sort them under the columns “I should" or "I should not" according to their own reasoning. Finally, students glue their sorted cards under the correct column, creating a handy visual reference guide demonstrating constructive vs destructive anger reactions.


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