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Take a Look Inside Our Early Maths Support Intervention

Updated: Jan 23

This Early Maths Support Intervention set has been up on the website for a while now but I thought I would give you a little tour into what you get if you purchase it. The activities lend themselves to being one offs or repeated activities so you can either print them off as worksheets or you can laminate them or place them into plastic wallets so that you can use a dry wipe pen on them and use them again and again.

The intervention comes split into 8 sections covering the following:

contents page for maths intervention

As you can see the subjects covered are basic beginner skills in maths and was therefore designed either for young children in reception/kindergarten or year 1 or for struggling children or children with special educational needs.

The set begins covering numbers 1-5 looking at formation and some simple counting. There are 15 pages in this first section.

maths unit section 1

The following section involves shape and patterns. It covers the names of basic shapes and the fun worksheets have a variety of ways to recognise and practice them. Then are activities in which they must pick out the different shapes and name them. Then it looks at patterns and simple sequences of patterns. There are 10 pages in this section.

maths unit section 2

Section three moves on to look at positional language. It covers in front, behind, next to, beside, in between, above and below. The children need to follow different instructions to draw pictures in the correct places and to find the pictures that show the correct positions. There are 9 pages in this section.

maths unit section 3

The next section is in a similar vain to section one only it covers numbers 6-10. There are 15 pages in this section.

maths unit section 4

The next section is about sorting and matching. This involves the very important early maths skills of identification and classification of objects. It also covers some colour recognition. There are 8 pages in this section.

maths unit section 5

The next section pulls together what they have learned in sections one and four about numbers and practices counting. This section has 10 pages.

maths unit section 6

The next section is about comparing. It provides a basic introduction into the idea of measurement. Children compare which object is heavier or lighter, which object is taller or shorter, longer or shorter, bigger or smaller and full or empty. This section has 6 pages.

maths unit section 7

The final section will be the most challenging for most children. It takes what they have learned about numbers counting and asks them to use this knowledge to do simple addition and subtraction using a variety of visuals to support. This section has 10 pages.

maths unit section 8

The really great things about this pack is there is no preparation involved, you can simply print and go saving you lots of time. It can be great for both teachers and parents alike.

It can currently be found at the link here if you are interested in taking a look.

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